How much does a removal cost?

by | Oct 11, 2023

Moving day can be hugely stressful. You can reduce that stress by booking a removals company early in the process. House or office removals can always be one of the hardest factors to accomplish when it comes to moving locations. 

Moving home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful, exhausting and time-consuming. Especially if you do not have a team of experts at hand, doing this job of removing items yourself can prove to be hard work, especially if you are older and cannot lift objects on your own. That’s why having a professional removals team on your side is so valuable. 

But how much do removals cost? What are the likely extra charges for packing and unpacking? And what about unexpected costs if your move is delayed?  

It all depends on the size of your property and the amount of items that are in need of removal. The cost of moving house will also vary greatly depending on how easy it is to access your property and how far it needs to be transported. If you are moving locally – so within a town or to a neighbouring city – then removal companies are likely to charge you per hour. It is very unusual to be charged by weight of your belongings or distance travelled. 

The following are the average prices that you would expect to pay across the UK: 

One to two bedroom house = £350-£550
Three-bedroom house = £800
Four-bedroom house = £1,100
Five-bedroom house = £1,400 

However, if you are embarking on a bigger move, then your removals costs are likely to be higher. Long distance removal costs are harder to estimate. You can expect to pay a fixed cost based on the amount being moved, the distance it needs to travel, the size of your property and how easy your property is to access. Especially if you are removing the entirety of your home, these prices could exceed £2000-£3000. 

No two properties are alike so an accurate quote can’t be based simply on the size of your home. You could be a minimalist living in a four-bedroom house with fewer belongings than a hoarder in a one-bedroom flat. The amount of items present in the property will always be the most important. Particularly homes which have larger appliances such as pool tables and pianos, this will also usually be extra charges because of the care and carefulness they require. 

What extra charges could I face? 

  • Packing materials – Before hiring your removal company, check if any packing materials are including in the price quoted. If they aren’t, ask what it would cost to purchase them from the removal company themselves as this will usually be cheaper than purchasing them elsewhere. 
  • Packing service. Do you need the removal firm to pack your items for you? This can make life a lot easier but usually comes at a price. You may pay extra for fragile items also 
  • Unpacking service. Most removal firms will place your boxes and furniture into the rooms you request. If you want them to unpack the boxes too, you’ll pay an extra fee. Most firms will only unpack, they won’t then put things away for you too. But we understand that circumstances can change and differ from household to household.  
  • Crating. If you have valuable items such as antiques or electronics that need special packing your removal firm may suggest crating them. These can be items such as pool tables, games machines or China glass pieces. This means packing them into purpose built wooden crates.  
  • Dismantling and re-assembly. Removal firms expect everything to be ready to move when they arrive unless they have been told otherwise. So, if you need them to dismantle flat-pack or large furniture such as beds you need to confirm this before moving day. 

In order to cut extra costs, the first thing to do is get accurate quotes. That means knowing how much stuff you need the removals firm to move. Also, when you are ready to book be prepared to be flexible. Here at Cotswold Services Removals, we have a team of fit, friendly and fully-insured porters, along with a fleet of top-of-the-line removal vans. 

With Cotswold Services removals, your precious belongings are in safe hands. Our movers are trained to handle your items with care and respect while ensuring that your items remain safe and secure in transit. We also offer a range of boxes, packing materials and crates, or you can let us do the packing for you with our professional packing service. 

Our friendly and highly trained removals team arrive on time with clean and fully equipped vans. Our cheerful team will help you to load your goods, transport them to your new home/office and unload them for you. You can relax as our professionally trained and DBS checked team will take care of your belongings. We provide any essentials that you might need for your move such as trolleys, blankets and straps to secure your belongings. 


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